A design Studio

Qrypton was founded in 2018 by Shahid, Hammad and Wasif. Based in Islamabad – Pakistan. We have a global scope, providing solutions to design, animation and contemporary architectural issues in all regions of the world.Our highly collaborative, research-based design method involves clients, stakeholders, and experts from a wide range of fields from early on in the creative process. The results are exemplary, outspoken projects that enable our clients to develop towards a better future.

Our Strategy

We designed our own office interior based on modern design techniques. Our team was able to design a modular layout of the office which was then implemented later on as shown in the pictures. Everything was designed in a minimalistic way.


Our Design Philosophy

Qrypton provides all in one turn-key solution to its client using modern design techniques and keeping in consideration modern industry standards. Our design philosophy is all about creating a customer-oriented approach. As commercial artists, we try to make things clear, easy to understand, and to create attractive designs to sell to end consumers. We try our level best to position our client's brand to make it a more successful story. Our design approach is simple, clear and a complete solution for clients and consumers.

Goals to Achieve

Design and implement office interior.

More Interesting Projects