Driving School Interior Design

SEEKHO is a driving school based in Karachi Pakistan, providing driving lessons to people interested in learning driving by professionals. SEEKHO has 170+ graduates currently and their numbers of new students being enrolled is increasing with the passage of time

Our Strategy

The team of professional designers at Qrypton provided the complete interior design solution for SEEKHO’s office including all 3D plans and visualizations. After the successful designing our team went to the actual location for the implementation of the designs in the exact same manner as they looked on the design tools in soft form. From designing to implementation, all of the tasks were carried out successfully.


Our Design Philosophy

Qrypton provides all in one turn-key solution to its client using modern design techniques and keeping in consideration modern industry standards. Our design philosophy is all about creating a customer-oriented approach. As commercial artists, we try to make things clear, easy to understand, and to create attractive designs to sell to end consumers. We try our level best to position our client's brand to make it a more successful story. Our design approach is simple, clear and a complete solution for clients and consumers.

Goals to Achieve

SEEKHO approached Qrypton Design Solutions for the complete interior design of their corporate office based on modern industry standards and awarded the project to the team at Qrypton for execution as well.

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