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Spantiq is a T-Shirt brand started in 2020 in Pakistan. The aim of the company is to provide high quality T-shirts with a wide range of colours for the consumers to choose from. The team of Spantiq has the vision of taking the brand to a level where the competition is no more a hurdle in gaining the market share by providing good quality T-Shirts at an affordable rate with an exceptional customer service.


Qrypton was responsible for Spantiq’sT-Shirt Design, Branding, Logo Design and Web Design.

The Solution

Qrypton was able to deliver the best designs for Spantiq. We created their concepts for theme and designed logo while working on their branding as well. The main product of the company which is T-Shirt was successfully designed and executed by Qrypton. The whole web design of Spantiq was carried out by the team of experienced designers at our company and the portfolio reflects that.

Ref Image by Nadeem Khawar

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